Acrylic & Plexiglass Signs

Acrylic signs are a great choice for any business or office they present a professional clean look and have a longer lifespan. Custom printed they offer they can be customized with colours and images to spotlight your brand.

  • Standard thicknesses of 1/8″ and 1/4″ other thickness available as required
  • Clear acrylic and frosted acylic is most common, can be customized with graphics. Other colours are avilable for certain applications.
  • Standard square cut or any custom cut shape can be produced
  • Standard or polished edges
  • Variety of mounting and ifnishing options including, drilled holes, stand-offs, doube slided tape

Print Surface
Acrylic signs can have the graphics on the front or the back surface of the acrylic. Printing on the front surface (standard) is less common most customers choose to have the print on the back “Second Surface” this adds some depth to the finished sign and better protects the graphics. For more depth background colours and images can be applied to the Second Surface and text to the font surface.

Acrylic & Plexiglass Sign Design Resources

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48″ x 36″ Coroplast Sign Template
48″ x 24″ Coroplast Sign Template
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Standoff Wall Mounts For Acrylic Signs

Stand Off In Acrylic

Standoff offer one of the most professional ways to install your acrylic sigs on wallas. Sign standoffs are made from aluminium and have a satin chrome finish. They give rigid signs a classy appearance while creating a 3D effect by holding them away from the wall.

Stand Offs

Common Uses For Acrylic Signs

  • Lobby Logo Signs
  • Interior Directional Signage
  • Mission Statements
  • Decorative Signs
  • Custom Shape Cut Signs

Product Inquiry Arylic Signs

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