Mesh Banner Printing

Mesh banners are great for outdoor use, even in areas that are windy or wet. Unlike regular vinyl banners, mesh banners allow air to pass through the mesh material easily so that you can communicate their message no matter the weather.

Polyester mesh is lightweight yet strong. The weave of this polyester scrim facilitates air flow, giving it extra durability without making the banner heavy.

Our mesh banners have low wind resistance and are both anti-smudge and anti-abrasive. These features, along with their quick drying properties, make these custom printed mesh banners perfect for outdoor use.

  • Mesh banner material for high wind locations
  • Standard sizes or any custom size available
  • Full colour high resolution printed graphics
  • Hemming and grommets available
  • Waterproof polyester mesh banner material

Mesh Banner Design Resources

Banner Template 48 x 24″
Banner Template 48 x 36″
Banner Template 60 x 24″
Banner Template 60 x 36″
Banner Template 72 x 24″
Banner Template 72 x 36″
Banner Template 72 x 48″

Mesh Banner Hemming

Banner Hemming

When you add hemming to your banner it gives them extra strength and extends their life. To hem the banner we fold approximately 1 inch from the edge and tape weld or heat weld it in place. Heavy-duty sewn hems and reinforced hemming can be used for large banners and high wind locations for added strength.

Hemming can also create a pocket along one or multiple edges of the banners for poles, ropes, or other materials used to support the banner.

Mesh Banner Grommets

Banner Grommets

Banners can be order with grommets (a metal eyelet) that can be used for fastening your banner or attached ropes. The grommets reinforce the banner to prevent ripping and tearing.

Mesh Banner Best Practices

Use a large bold headline that clearly conveys the message and gets attention. Do not include too much detail the fine details should be included in your other marketing materials such as flyers, postcards, and brochures. Printing in full colour allows you to include your company colours, branding, logo, and images. Other common names for vinyl banners are:

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