Multi-Page Document and Book Printing

Multi-page documents are a great way to put a lot of information together in one place. With many uses they are a versatile tool for your business or organization. We can print your documents, books, programs, catalogues in more in beautiful full colour or economical black and white either way the finished product will be a professional representation of your organization.

  • Print in full colour or black ink only or a combination
  • Large variety of uncoated paper, gloss paper, and silk paper options to choose from
  • Covers can be printed on heavier cardstock for extra durability
  • Saddle-stitch Booklet Finishing (like a magazine)
  • Cerlox (Comb) Binding
  • Coil Binding
  • Wire-O Binding
  • Staple Top Left or Double Side Staple

Multi-Page Document Design Resources

When supplying multi-page documents for printing, regardless of the finishing option selected please supply them 1up with bleeds and crop marks. We will impose them for printing. Templates for common sizes are:

5.5 x 8.5″ Finished Size Multi-Page Document Template
8.5 x 11″ Finished Size Multi-Page Document Template
These templates are setup for 20 pages add or reduce pages as necessary.

Multi-Page Documents Best Practices

Multi-page documents go by many names such as Books, Programs, Catalogues, Annual Reports, Projects, Reports, Guides, Manuals, and more. Important considerations are who many pages it will have, colour print or black printing, what type of paper your prefer, and which style of binding you would like.

If you let us know aproximatley how many pages, and the quntity you will requrie and what it is being used for we can reccomend some printing, paper, and binding options that would be a good fit.

Product Inquiry Multi-Page Documents

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